Making India a Better Place

We are highly motivated professionals who are out here to solve your energy problems and minimize your carbon foot print. We study your energy consumption data and give you the best solution as per your needs. Lets join hands and make make sure that our next generations have a cleaner environment to live in.

We provide following solutions in Solar Energy Systems

  • Solar Rooftop & Ground PV for your home and commercial needs
  • Large Scale Solar plants on RESCO mode
  • Availability of solar power through Open Access

We have installed more than 250 KW of Solar Plants in Haryana

Residential Rooftop Solar Plants

  • 50 KW roofop plants commissioned in Gurugram
  • Net metering done in all the solar plants
  • Subsidy from MNRE received for all the plants
  • Average production of 10 KW plant 50 units/day

10 MWh clean energy generated in Gurugram

Ground Mounted Solar Plants

  • 100 KW plant installed in a hatchery in Hisar
  • 100 KW plant commissioned in a hatchery in Bhiwani