We are associated with the Best of the brands in India for providing best solutions for you

  1. Solar Panels - Solar panel is the most important component of the solar PV system. We offer the best panels available in India
    • Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels - 72 cells & 60 cells
    • Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels - 72 cells & 60 cells

2. Solar Inverters - It is used to convert DC electricity produced by Solar Panels to AC for use in our homes, office etc. We are associated with all the reputed inverter brands available in India all of which have MNRE approval required as per Govt. of India.

We offer Solar String inverters, Hybrid solar inverters, Off-grid inverters & Central inverters.

3. Solar Structure - We offer GI solar structure as well as Aluminum structure as per the site requirement. Sample images of the structure are given below for ready reference.

We offer different types of structure for rooftops as illustrated below:-

Structure for RCC Roof

Ballast type of Structure for RCC Roof

Structure for Shed

Structure for Shed

8 feet raised structure for RCC roof